Non-medical fields in Portugal

The educational situation in Portugal in computer fields is unique and there are many scholarships for computer groups, especially in software. Subjects such as architecture, art, science, law, literature, engineering, psychology, economics, etc. are also taught in Portuguese universities, including the University of Lisbon in this country.

Study dentistry in Portugal

One of the entrance exams for the universities of medical sciences in Portugal is called MCAT. This test measures a person’s knowledge of physics and biology, and in general, it assesses a person’s knowledge of the natural sciences, research and experience, and analysis.

Study medicine in Portugal

The language of study for medical courses in Portugal is Portuguese, and you generally cannot find a university where all courses are in English. To enter medical universities in Portugal, you must take a skills test; This test is very important for entering the university. You must have B1 and B2 level skills to study medicine in Portugal. To study English in Portugal, you need to improve your language level and go to a university that provides the conditions for studying English. For some units, you have to learn Portuguese. You can use colleges to study Portuguese in this country. Tests considered for admission: IELTS, TOEFL, CAE / CPE, and PTE A

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