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Portugal has been one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investment in recent years. The Golden Visa program launched in 2012, and some other government initiatives, such as the Non-Habitual Residence tax status, have helped to promote Portugal globally by drawing the attention of investors.
The dynamic Portuguese market has many opportunities, from beach houses to luxury resorts to historic villas.
Portugal is the third safest country in the world, according to the 2020 Global Peace Index, behind only Iceland and New Zealand. Portugal is considered a politically and economically stable country with a low crime rate; Portugal has many desirable qualities for investors.
Several determinants make Portugal an intelligent choice for real estate investment, from its intrinsic values, such as the landscape and climate, to more temporary reasons driven by economic factors.
Investing in Portugal can give investors and their families unique opportunities to obtain a residence permit through a Golden Visa. The golden visa program in Portugal is one of the most flexible and easy investment programs through which non-EU citizens can obtain a residence visa in the country and Europe. One of the most significant advantages of the program is that the investor and his family members can join the application and obtain European citizenship.
By investing €350,000 in selected real estate projects, residence permit holders are entitled to live in Portugal. They can also take advantage of visa-free travel within the 26 member countries of the Schengen area. Furthermore, Golden Visa holders can do business, work and study in Portugal.
One of the most attractive options is the opportunity to apply for permanent residency and citizenship after five years. The applicant and his family must have resided for two weeks every two years to renew the Portuguese Golden Visa.

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Situated in a zone in Lisbon that has suffered from an earthquake, this project respects the scale of the urban area. Built with modern materials, the formal geometry of the building is quite coherent with its surrounding. 
Location  Campo de Ourique, Lisbon
Modell  Rehabilitation
Phase  build
Invested fee  4 800 000€ 
Total fee  5 900 000 €
Duration  3 years
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Being located in a relatively central zone of Porto, the lote is quite narrow as in many other traditional Portuguese houses. The proposal respects the old facade yet the architectural language, fitting the surrounding.

Location Fontaínhas, Porto
Modell Rehabilitation
Phase build
Invested fee 4 500 000€
Total fee 5 400 000 €
Duration 2,5 years
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This project is a well-thought example of in the central part of Lisbon, which hosts many projects. Respecting the surroundings, yet being modern, this architecture has found its uses and functionality.

Location Chiado, Lisbon
Modell Rehabilitation
Phase build
Invested fee 5 500 000€ 
Total fee 6 200 000 €
Duration 3 years


The Startup Visa is a residence Visa for entrepreneurs offered by IAPMEI and aims to attract investment, talent, and capacity for innovation in Portugal.

logo-safe-1 logo-safe-1

SoundSafe is an innovative solution to reduce wastes and increase post-harvesting life of fresh agricultural products.

logo-pluck-1 logo-pluck-1

Pluck APP provides a mobile health monitoring devices to cope with health care costs without visiting a doctor.

logo-bio-1 logo-bio-1

BioWater is an innovative solution to produce drinkable water from Ocean salty water using algae.

logo-life-1 logo-life-1

Life Beat provides a general improvement on people of any age’s health and well-being through long-term monitoring.

logo-eye-1 logo-eye-1

EYESIM offers users a variety of innovative and unique options for experiencing the simulation of eye surgery.

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logo-opti-bw logo-opti-color

Optishower is an integrated solution that helps hotels achieve operational excellence, decrease water and electricity consumption, and ensure the highest levels of guest satisfaction. 

logo-well-bw logo-well-color

Wellnix provides a solution/diagnosis system using image processing and AI for the associated risk and diagnosis toolkits of breast cancer.

logo-grv-color logo-grv-bw

Gravitix is a scientific, creative and full-service advertising Startup using AI to reduce costs of design and product delivery.

Entrepreneurs who want to establish an innovative company or transfer or develop their Startup and business projects to Portugal can apply for this type of Visa. This scheme covers up to 5 entrepreneurs in each project who are granted residence Visas.

The first Visa granted to a person will be valid for two years, after which it can extend for three years. After 5 years, the applicant can obtain a Portuguese passport.


The Portugal D7 Visa is an affordable and attractive immigrant Visa that allows non-EU citizens and their family members to reside legally in Portugal, provided they have sufficient funds to cover living expenses during their stay in Portugal.


Retired foreign citizens, entrepreneurs, and immigrants with a known fixed income, such as movable assets, real estate, and financial investments, can apply for a D7 Portugal Visa. To apply for this Visa, you must apply at the Portuguese embassy or consulate in your current country of residence. This request is not possible within Portugal.


D7 Portugal Visa is valid for two years, and after you can renew it for another three years. After five years, you can apply for permanent residency in Portugal.

Successful D7 Visa applicants must reside in Portugal for at least 183 consecutive days per year. They can also stay in Portugal for eight months with different breaks throughout the year.

  • This type of Visa is a fast way to obtain a residence permit in Portugal.
  • You can live and work in Portugal through this Visa.
  • You can travel freely to Schengen countries without a Visa.
  • You can get an accompanying Visa for your family members or dependents.
  • You do not need a Portuguese language certificate.
  • After 5 years, you can apply for permanent residence or citizenship.

Startup Incubator is a collaborative program designed to help new Startups succeed. Incubators help entrepreneurs solve some problems usually associated with launching a Startup by providing seed capital, workspace, training, and mentoring. The sole purpose of the Startup incubator is to help entrepreneurs to grow and develop their businesses.

One of the benefits of the Portugal Startup Visa is to receive an accompanying Visa for the applicant's family to immigrate to Portugal. Family members and dependents include the following people:

  • Spouse or life partner
  • Children under 18 years old
  • Children aged 18 or older who are mentally incompetent.
  • Children aged 18 or older who are unmarried or financially dependent on the family.
  • Parents of the applicant who are financially dependent.
  • Parents of the applicant's spouse who are financially dependent.

The entrepreneurship Visa program was launched in 2018 by the Portuguese government to attract entrepreneurial talent and investors from other countries.

This program aims to provide residency and entrepreneurial incentives to professionals and investors to transfer knowledge and technology to Portugal. Currently, 1% of the total GDP of Portugal is formed by the activities of innovative companies and entrepreneurial programs.

  • Every entrepreneurial investor has a work and employment permit from arrival in Portugal.
  • Spouse and children under 18 of an entrepreneur similarly receive Portuguese residency, and the investor's spouse has a work and employment permit.
  • The investor and his/her family will first receive a two-year residence card and then a three-year residence card automatically. They can apply for citizenship at the end of five years of residency.
  • The entrepreneur must only be over 18 years old and does not need to have any specialized degree.

All entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world can apply for this program.

  • Have no legal residence in the Schengen area.
  • Police Clearance Certificate.
  • The minimum age to receive residency is 18 years.

• Have a capital of at least 5,300 in the bank.

  1. Preparation of documents

Sending documents by the applicant to Itugal

  1. Registration of residence request

Registration of Portuguese residency application by Itugal on behalf of the applicant

  1. Invitation

Receiving the invitation from the Portuguese government by Itugal and presenting it to the applicant

  1. Visa application

Registration of the Visa application to the Portuguese embassy by the applicant in cooperation with Itugal

  1. Arrival in Portugal

Proceeding to enter Portugal, rent a residence and open a bank account

  1. Immigration Department

Attending the immigration office and applying for a two-year resident card

  1. Renewal of residence card

End of the second year of residence, an extension of residency for another 3 years

  1. Registration of citizenship application

At the end of the fifth year of residency, register an application for citizenship and receive a permanent residence card.

  1. Standard Package:

    • Checking the applicant's documents and records and helping to prepare the required documents
    • Registration of the applicant's request and guarantee of receiving the invitation
    • Examining the applicant's documents and helping to prepare the documents needed to obtain a Visa
    • Making an appointment with the Portuguese embassy and securing a Visa
    • Making an appointment with the immigration office and preparing the required documents
    • Accompanying an experienced lawyer at the time of the immigration office appointment
    • Guaranteed receipt of a two-year resident card


    Gold Package:

    • Checking the applicant's documents and records and helping to prepare the required documents
    • Registration of the applicant's request and guarantee of receiving the invitation
    • Examining the applicant's documents and helping to prepare the documents needed to obtain a Visa
    • Making an appointment with the Portuguese embassy and securing a Visa
    • Making an appointment with the immigration office and preparing the required documents
    • Accompanying an experienced lawyer at the time of the immigration office appointment
    • Guaranteed receipt of a two-year residence card
    • Guaranteed extension of the three-year residence card
    • Checking and helping to prepare documents for family reunification
    • Making an appointment with the immigration office for family reunification
    • Accompanying an experienced lawyer for the time of family reunification
    • Guaranteed receipt of a two-year resident card for family members
    • Ensuring the extension of the three-year residence card of family members
    • Registration of investor's and family members' citizenship application
  • Passport with at least one year of validity
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Above 18 years old
  • Education degree
  • Bank account printout with the equivalent of 10,000
  • Not having residence from other Schengen areas


In addition to the above, you will need the following documents to apply for a Startup Visa:


  • Motivation letter showing your interest in developing the project in Portugal.
  • CV
  • Project submission file
  • Portuguese tax number and social security number 

v Itugal Investment Group will receive the tax number and social security number of Portugal in the shortest possible time with a power of attorney and without the need for you to be in Portugal.

Do not worry! You can easily get your Startup Visa. The experienced and professional team of Itugal is with you on the way to immigrating to Portugal through the Startup Visa and will guide you in this way.


Itugal Group has more than 10 years of experience in investing, creating, and advising businesses and residents in Europe. It started its professional activity in 2010 in entrepreneurship and is currently engaged in professional activities in various fields, such as new and cutting-edge technologies, science (such as artificial intelligence, health, agriculture, blockchain, and fintech), construction and renovation, import and export, tourism and immigration.

  • 170 residences in Portugal
  • 150 family reunification
  • 100 successful Startups
  • 70 million euros investment opportunity
  • 20 reconstruction and construction projects
  • Opening of 500 foreign bank accounts


Itugal's multilingual team, with offices in Portugal and Iran, guides you from the beginning to the end by providing advice from experts.

We are here to accompany you to find dream houses or investments and provide successful immigration services. Itugal international team is with you every moment. So call us now.


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