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The tax identification number (NIF) is a form of personal identification that is indispensable for acquiring goods or services, signing contracts, opening bank accounts, etc.

Portuguese citizens holding a valid Citizen Card already have their NIF assigned.

If you do not fit into the above mentioned category, find out how to apply for a NIF.

The foreign person, resident or non-resident in Portugal, who works and pays taxes in Portugal must have a Fiscal Identification Number (NIF).

For children and young people, the NIF is necessary for health and education expenses, for example, that parents can include in the IRS declaration.

What are the documents and requirements to apply for the CPF of an individual?

• If you are a Portuguese citizen

• For children under ten without a Citizen Card, you must present a birth certificate or equivalent document.

• If you are a citizen of another EU country

• To be considered a resident for tax purposes, you must present the following:

Civil identity document, passport or EU citizenship certificate issued by the municipality of the area of residence;

• To be considered a non-resident for tax purposes, you must present the following:

Civil identity document or passport.

• Foreign minors without a passport must present  the following:

Proof of birth.

If you are a citizen of a third country

• To be considered a resident for tax purposes, you must present the following:

Identity document or passport and residence permit.

• To be considered a non-resident for tax purposes, you must present:

An identity document or passport must appoint a tax representative (individual or legal person) resident in Portugal.

• Foreign minors without a passport must present  the following:

Proof of birth.

Note: if you are a third-country citizen and present your passport, you must show your visa to enter Portugal or the Schengen area.

Necessary documents

To apply for a NIF, the following documents are required:

• Resident in Portugal - civil identification document from the country of origin or passport and residence permit

• Non-resident in Portugal - identification document or passport and have a tax representative (individual or collective) residing in the national territory

• Child without a passport - a document that proves the birth.

* If you present your passport, you must submit your entry visa to Portugal or the Schengen Area.

How to apply for the NIF

By the person

• At the Tax Office - make an appointment in person through the Call Center (CAT) - 217 206 707, weekdays, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

By representative

• At the e-balcon of the Finance portal - if the person for whom the NIF is requested resides outside the EU, in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.



The Social Security Identification Number (NISS) allows access to rights and obligations in Social Security.

Citizen card holders have yet to apply for the NISS because this number is already on the citizen card.

Legal persons (companies) also do not need to apply for the NISS. When companies enrol in the commercial register, the Tax and Customs Authority (AT) communicates it automatically and free of charge to Social Security, and the company is assigned a NISS.

Foreigners and Portuguese with a lifetime identity card can apply for the NISS online.

To apply for the NISS, you must

·         fill out the form available on the Social Security portal

·         attach a scanned copy of your identity document

·         Have a work visa.

·         People from a third country

·         the passport

·         the Residence Permit

·         Residence Permit (temporary or permanent)

·         the other civil identification document from the country of origin


Foreign citizens with valid residence permits are entitled to reunification with family members outside the national territory.

Thus, before going to a Consular Post to request a residence visa for family reunification, the foreign citizen entitled to the right must go to the Foreigners and Borders Service and ask for granting family reunification to favor their family members.

As soon as you are notified of the favorable decision, the family members can apply for a residence visa.

The following are considered to be members of the resident's family:

  • Spouse;
  • Minor or incapacitated children dependent on the couple or one of the spouses;
  • Minors adopted by the applicant when he is not married, by the applicant or by the spouse, following a decision by the competent authority of the country of origin, provided that the law of that country recognizes the adopted rights and duties identical to those of natural parentage and that Portugal recognizes the decision;
  • Adult children, dependent on the couple or one of the spouses, who are single and are studying at an educational establishment in Portugal;
  • Adult children, dependent on the couple or one of the spouses, who are single and studying, whenever the holder of the right to reunification has a residence permit granted under article 90-A;
  • The resident’s direct and 1st-degree ascendants or their spouse, provided they are dependent on them;
  • Minor siblings, provided they are under the guardianship of the resident, following a decision issued by the competent authority in the country of origin and provided that Portugal recognizes this decision.
  • Family reunification may be authorized with a partner who maintains, in the national territory or abroad, a de facto union with the resident foreign citizen, duly proven under the terms of the law.


Only the spouse or ascendants are required to pay the fee provided for the administrative processing of the visa.

Visas granted to descendants of holders of residence permits under the provisions on family reunification are exempt from paying this fee. attaches great importance to providing future immigrants with the best possible information and is pleased to present you with a wide range of exclusive tools about immigration in Portugal.

These tools will provide important information about the immigration process to Portugal, what is required to obtain a Portugal visa, and much more.

Before opening a bank account in Portugal, you must obtain a Fiscal Identification Number, known as a NIF number.

Required documents

  • Proof of identity (e.g. passport)
  • Proof of address (for example, a recent utility bill or letter received within the last three months, with your name and address visible)
  • Tax number
  • Proof of income or employment (for example, recent paycheck or letter of work). You can still open a Portuguese bank account if you are not employed. You must present proof of enrollment at the Portuguese employment center (Centro de Emprego) or have a guaranteed employment contract.+++
  • A Portuguese phone number for SMS activation: May not be required and depends on the bank. Some banks also accept international phone numbers.
  • A deposit of 250-300 € in cash is expected, although this depends on the bank.

To apply for the Portugal Golden Visa, you must open a Portuguese bank account.

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