Part 1 – Real Estate in Portugal

Portugal has been one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investment in recent years. The Golden Visa program launched in 2012, and some other government initiatives, such as the Non-Habitual Residence tax status, have helped to promote Portugal globally by drawing the attention of investors.

The dynamic Portuguese market has many opportunities, from beach houses to luxury resorts to historic villas.

Portugal is the third safest country in the world, according to the 2020 Global Peace Index, behind only Iceland and New Zealand. Portugal is considered a politically and economically stable country with a low crime rate; Portugal has many desirable qualities for investors.

Several determinants make Portugal an intelligent choice for real estate investment, from its intrinsic values, such as the landscape and climate, to more temporary reasons driven byeconomic factors.

Investing in Portugal can give investors and their families unique opportunities to obtain a residence permit through a Golden Visa. The golden visa program in Portugal is one of the most flexible and easy investment programs through which non-EU citizens can obtain a residence visa in the country and Europe. One of the most significant advantages of the program is that the investor and his family members can join the application and obtain European citizenship.

By investing €350,000 in selected real estate projects, residence permit holders are entitled to live in Portugal. They can also take advantage of visa-free travel within the 26 member countries of the Schengen area. Furthermore, Golden Visa holders can do business, work and study in Portugal.

One of the most attractive options is the opportunity to apply for permanent residency and citizenship after five years. The applicant and his family must have resided for two weeks every two years to renew the Portuguese Golden Visa.

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