Canadian startup visa

The Canadian startup visa is a visa that gives foreign entrepreneurs the opportunity to obtain permanent residence in Canada. This visa is one of the best and latest methods that the Canadian Immigration Department has considered to attract business owners and support new and creative ideas and start up a business in Canada.

To be eligible for this Canadian permanent residence program, you must introduce a creative business idea to the Canadian government so that you can receive a letter of support from a Canadian approved company. For startup visa, up to five applicants can obtain Canadian permanent residence through an innovative idea. One of these people is chosen as the main member. If any of the key members withdraw their application or are not accepted, the case of other applicants will also be closed.

  • Obtaining permanent residence for startup visa applicants from the very beginning of entering Canada
  • Work and living permit for the applicant and his spouse in Canada
  • Obtaining accompanying visa for family members or dependents
  • No educational qualification required
  • No age limit
  • Enjoying the benefits of citizenship (free medical and educational services, etc.) by having a residence card
  • Having IELTS General certificate


All family members of the applicant can apply for accompanying visa. This law includes spouses and children under the age of 22.

If the startup visa applicant is married and has children, he can get an Open Work Permit for his spouse. On the other hand, with this visa, you can also get a study permit or work permit for your children. In this way, young children who do not go to school yet receive an eTA or Visitor visa.

The Canadian government launched this program to attract entrepreneurs from around the world and provide them with the funding and support they need to grow their businesses.

In fact, Canada is counting on the growth of these businesses to contribute to the economic prosperity of this country by adding value to the collective economy and creating more jobs for Canadians.

To get a startup visa work permit, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Obtaining a letter of support from a Canadian investor
  • Proof of financial ability
  • Valid certificate of English or French
  • Start-up registration legally in Canada

1-      Prepare your Pitch Deck (business concept).

2-      Send a request to venture capitalists, angel investors or growth centers Incubators, Venture capital or Angel investors.

3-      Receive a letter of support from the designated organization(s);

4-       Submit your application for Canadian permanent residence and work permit.

5-      Enter Canada and operate your business.

6-      Get your permanent residence You can get Canadian citizenship after 3 years of living in Canada.

  • Checking the applicant's documents and records and helping to prepare the required documents
  • Registration of the applicant's request and guarantee of receiving the invitation
  • Examining the applicant's documents and helping to prepare the documents needed to obtain a visa
  • Making an appointment with the Canadian embassy and securing a visa
  • Taking the time of the immigration office and preparing the required documents
  • Accompanying an experienced lawyer at the time of immigration office appointment
  • Guaranteed receipt of a two-year residence card
  • Guaranteed extension of the three-year residence card
  • Checking and helping to prepare documents for family reunification
  • Making an appointment with the immigration office for family reunification
  • Accompanying an experienced lawyer for the time of family reunification
  • Guaranteed receipt of a two-year residence card for family members
  • Ensuring the extension of the three-year residence card of family members
  • Registration of investor's and family members' citizenship application
  • Resume (CV) and business plan
  • Letter of support from a Canadian investor
  • Personal documents: valid and valid passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate (if married)
  • Certificate of financial ability and bank introduction letter
  • Certificate of English (IELTS minimum 5) or French
  • Medical health certificate
  • Police Clearance
  • Receipt of payment of expenses

Do not worry! You can easily get your startup visa. Itogal's experienced and professional team is with you on the way to immigrate to Canada through a startup visa and will guide you along the way.

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1. Examining the documents and helping to prepare the required documents
2. Registration of the applicant's request and guarantee of receiving a Letter of Support
3. Consulting, preparing, and sending specialized documents related to Up Start for the applicant to register residence in the Start Up Visa portal.
Canada to receive a file number.
4. Register the applicant's information on the Canada Visa Startup Portal to receive the file number.
5. Obtaining a permanent residence visa
6. Intermittent reporting to Incubation on the progress of the project before issuing PR
7. Continuous follow-up of the project to get time for fingerprinting, health testing, and updating the status of Canada's PR

  • 100 Canadian residency
  • 170 residences in Portugal
  • 150 family additions
  • 100 successful startups
  • 70 million euros investment opportunity
  • 20 reconstruction and construction projects
  • Opening of 500 foreign bank accounts


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