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Investment Visa Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in the Americas where Portuguese is recognized as an official language. With a stunning coastline, vibrant cities, and one of the fastest growing economies in South America, this country offers a wide range of opportunities for real estate investment. Brazil is an attractive destination for its overseas buyers who want to enjoy the benefits of home ownership in a location with many opportunities for growth.

Brazil is one of the nations with a very diverse culture and is regarded as one of the world's most peaceful nations. Brazil has the most robust economy among the nations of Latin America, which may entice potential buyers to purchase real estate there.

An investor needs $133,000 in capital to buy a property in Brazil. By purchasing a property of this value and staying for 30 days a year, you will be able to obtain permanent residency in Brazil. After 4 years, you can apply for citizenship. Applicants can obtain residency in this country by purchasing a property worth one million Brazilian reals. Investors who want to buy property in this country can easily apply for accompanying visa for their spouse and children under 21 years of age.

The real estate investment visa is a new and fresh route for non-residents who intend to work and live in Brazil. The purpose of this program is to attract foreign capital to the country. The second goal of this program is to promote employment opportunities and increase the standard of living in Brazil. Therefore, foreign investors do not have any legal restrictions or obstacles in the field of buying property in Brazil. But in order to buy a property in Brazil, you need a tax registration number from the Brazilian Tax Office (CPF).

However, in order to obtain a Brazilian residence visa through the purchase of a property, a series of documents and conditions are required that applicants must pay attention to. Therefore, the necessary documents to obtain this visa through the Brazilian embassy are:

  •       application form
  •       Original and copy of passport
  •       Original and copy of birth certificate
  •       Proof of sufficient financial means
  •       Clearances
  •       Proof of purchase of property in Brazil
  •        financial ability

Investing in real estate has advantages for people who invest, including these advantages:

-         It is possible for foreign investors to own 100% land and property in Brazil.

-         Obtaining a yellow card for citizenship and residence after 4 years

-         The investor is able to apply for permanent residence for his family and even close relatives.

-         Great business opportunity and big market

-         Excellent international trade and access to Latin America and member of the Southern Common Market MERCOSUR

-         Providing excellent support for foreign investors

-         Excellent infrastructure for business

-         Low cost of living and maintenance compared to European countries

-         Strong domestic market in Brazil

-         The existence of a very advanced industry


Its real estate market is one of the hottest and most dynamic among developing economies.

The investment immigration service, provided by Itugal Group, is a safe way to invest and obtain residency in Brazil. The value of this immigration method lies in investing in residential projects in important residential areas such as Lisbon and Porto. We guarantee the immigration path until you obtain a citizenship card.

  • The applicant has a work permit from arrival in Brazil
  • Spouses and children under 18 of the applicant will receive Brazilian residency, and the investor's spouse has a work permit.
  • The applicant and his or her family will initially receive a two-year resident card and then automatically receive a three-year resident card. They can apply for citizenship at the end of five years of residence.
  • The applicant must be over 18 years old and does not need to have any specialized degree.

The Executive Process of Obtaining Residency


Signing the contract, paying the prepayment


Find the property

Finding a home you want in an urban area and making sure it satisfies the required minimum investment amount of R$1.000.000 are the first steps in the process.


Due Diligence

When you've finished, be sure to have your lawyer do their due diligence on the property before making a decision



To properly structure the deal and transmit the payment, you must enlist professional assistance. Be aware that sending money to Brazil alone may need many weeks and a lot of paperwork.


Residency Application

After making the purchase, you'll need to submit numerous other documents, together with the proof of purchase and the money placed into the seller's bank account, to be issued by a Brazilian bank.


Residency Visa Stamping

You will be issued a temporary residency permit good for four years after the validation is finished.


Upgrade to Permanent Residency

After four years, if you are still the owner of the property, you may submit an application to become a permanent resident.



Additionally, you can seek for Brazilian naturalization after four years as a permanent resident in Brazil.

Step 8

Additionally, candidates have the option of investing in real estate in Brazil to either reside in or rent out. There are two possibilities available, depending on where you choose to invest or how much you want to invest:

-         The purchase of real land in Brazil's northeast and north for BRL 700,000 ($140,303)

-         A BRL 1,000,000 ($200,450) investment in real estate in different parts of Brazil

The investor must maintain residency for four years before they are eligible to seek for citizenship.

  • Purchase of a studio suite for 120,000 euros
  • Payment upon delivery of the property document
  • Property price guarantee with redemption after the fifth year at the initial sale price
  • The possibility of managing the property and transferring the profit to the individual within five years of the residency process
  • Examining documents and educational records and helping to prepare the required documents
  • Registration of the applicant's request and guarantee of receiving the invitation
  •  Registration of the applicant's request and guarantee of receiving the invitation
  •  Examining the applicant's documents and helping to prepare the documents needed to obtain a visa
  •  Making an appointment with the Brazilian embassy and securing a visa
  • Taking the time of the immigration office and preparing the required documents
  •  Accompaniment of an experienced lawyer at the immigration office
  • Guaranteed two-year residence card renewal
  • Guaranteed extension of the three-year residence card
  • Checking and helping to prepare documents for family reunification
  • Making an appointment with the immigration office for family reunification
  • Guaranteed to receive a two-year residence card for family members
  • Guaranteed to receive a three-year residence card for family members
  • Registration of investor's and family members' citizenship application

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    • opening of 500 foreign bank accounts

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