Portugal Financial Affordability Visa (D7 Visa)

If you want to settle in Portugal with your funds and start a new life as a non-EU citizen, the Portugal D7 Visa (also known as the Portugal passive income Visa) is an excellent option.

The D7 Visa was introduced in 2007 by the Portuguese government as a retirement Visa or passive income Visa to attract wealthy foreigners to revive the country's economy. This type of Visa allows non-EU/non-EEA/non-Swiss citizens to apply for residency in Portugal. Portugal's D7 Visa ultimately leads to permanent residency and citizenship.


The Portugal D7 Visa is an affordable and attractive immigrant Visa that allows non-EU citizens and their family members to reside legally in Portugal, provided they have sufficient funds to cover living expenses during their stay in Portugal.


Retired foreign citizens, entrepreneurs, and immigrants with a known fixed income, such as movable assets, real estate, and financial investments, can apply for a D7 Portugal Visa. To apply for this Visa, you must apply at the Portuguese embassy or consulate in your current country of residence. This request is not possible within Portugal.


D7 Portugal Visa is valid for two years, and after you can renew it for another three years. After five years, you can apply for permanent residency in Portugal.

Successful D7 Visa applicants must reside in Portugal for at least 183 consecutive days per year. They can also stay in Portugal for eight months with different breaks throughout the year.

  • Travel to Schengen countries without a Visa
  • Living, working, and studying in Portugal
  • Fast Visa process
  • Access to high-quality government health services (most of which are free or low-cost).
  • Benefit from Portugal's particular tax program, the NHR plan
  • Residence request for all family members
  • Apply for citizenship after 5 years of residency
  • Your newborn babies can also become citizens of Portugal if you stay for one year.
  • Peaceful and safe life in one of the safest countries in the world, Portugal
    • Portuguese tax number (NIF)
    • Opening a bank account in Portugal
    • Proof of financial self-sufficiency or proof of non-passive work income
    • Provide proof of your residence in Portugal
    • Health insurance coverage
    • Police Clearance Certificate


    v Itugal Investment Group will get the Portuguese tax number in the shortest possible time with a power of attorney and without needing your presence in Portugal, and will open your bank account.
  • Opening a bank account
  • Checking the applicant's documents and records and helping to prepare the required documents
  • Examining the applicant's documents and helping to prepare the documents needed to obtain a Visa
  • Making an appointment with the Portuguese embassy and securing a Visa
  • Taking the time of the immigration office and preparing the required documents
  • Accompanying an experienced lawyer at the time of the immigration office appointment
  • Checking and helping to prepare documents for family reunification
  • Making an appointment with the immigration office for family reunification
  • Accompanying an experienced lawyer for the time of family reunification
    • Passport with at least one year of validity
    • Police Clearance Certificate
    • Above 18 years old
    • Receive tax identification number
    • Show a source of fixed annual income such as property rent, dividends, or bank
    • Demonstration of one year's financial ability in a Portuguese personal account: 12,000 for an individual and 8,400 for a spouse, and 6,000 for a child under 18

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    • 170 residences in Portugal
    • 150 family reunification
    • 100 successful Startups
    • 70 million euros investment opportunity
    • 20 reconstruction and construction projects
    • Opening of 500 foreign bank accounts


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