Lisbon: what you might not know

On December 31st, Lisbon became a wonderful place. This evening marks the beginning of the New Year festivities, and Christmas decorations are still up. They all last until January 6, The Day of the Kings. The capital of Portugal never disappoints its visitors where ideal events are available to everyone! Many people are unfamiliar with the customs and activities used in Portugal to celebrate the New Year. Here are some Portuguese traditions at New Year’s Eve you might not be aware of:

12 Raisins: The Portuguese start eating their 12 raisins for the year at midnight. These 12 raisins stand in for the 12 months ahead. On December 31st, if you are dining out, you will likely get one of these.

Toasts when drinking: It’s usual to raise a glass and toast with those around you, as long as you don’t cross your arms and maintain eye contact.

Getting rich: According to Portuguese tradition, if you want to be rich, you should be carrying some cash just before midnight. Some people have the money in their hands, while others have it in their wallets or maybe their shoes!

A new year and a new outfit: It is believed that wearing brand-new clothes brings good luck. Everything must be brand-new, even your underpants! The next day, people will go swimming in the ocean on January 1.

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