Why Portugal?
Portugal is the westernmost country of Europe with a mild and sunny climate, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west with 850 km of magnificent beaches. Having a safe environment, kind and friendly people, and benefiting from quality and cheap citizen services are the main features of life in Portugal.

StartUp Visa

The Startup Visa is a residence Visa for entrepreneurs offered by IAPMEI and aims to attract investment, talent, and capacity for innovation in Portugal.

Investment Visa

Portugal is one of the world's safest and most peaceful countries, with a high quality of life and ranking on the human development index.

Golden Visa

With its warm climate, stunning beaches, and diverse cuisine, Portugal is one of the most attractive countries for foreign investors looking to live or work in the European Union.

D7 Visa

If you want to settle in Portugal with your funds and start a new life as a non-EU citizen, the Portugal D7 Visa (also known as the Portugal passive income Visa) is an excellent option.

Student Visa

Portugal has become an attractive destination for international students due to its warm climate, reasonable costs, and easy lifestyle. Along with Portugal's beautiful coastal scenery and charming nature, its educational system is excellent.


It can be challenging to comprehend your alternatives for managing your finances as an expat in Portugal. It's critical that you understand your alternatives while opening a bank account and purchasing house and possessions insurance for your family. Read our guides to financing in Portugal to learn how to stretch your dollars further.

Family reunion

Foreign citizens with valid residence permits are entitled to reunification with family members outside the national territory. Thus, before going to a Consular Post to request a residence visa for family reunification, the foreign citizen entitled to the right must go to the Foreigners and Borders Service and ask for granting family reunification to favor their family members. As soon as you are notified of the favorable decision, the family members can apply for a residence visa.


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