If you want to move to Portugal, obtaining a tax file number or Número de Identificação Fiscal  (NIF) is crucial for legal activities and business in the country. The Portuguese individual tax identification number (NIF) is a unique nine-digit number issued by Portuguese tax authorities for tax purposes in Portugal. It is required for all Portuguese citizens, including official residents, citizens, and foreign non-residents. Without an NIF, individuals cannot perform transactions like buying property, opening bank accounts, getting loans, or signing contracts, and may not be able to accept job opportunities in Portugal. Obtaining a NIF is not mandatory by Portuguese law, but it is essential for proper taxation and employment in Portugal.


You can obtain a temporary NIF through a Portuguese lawyer or financial agent in Portugal who agrees to act on your behalf if you are a non-resident of Portugal and wish to apply for a Portuguese taxpayer number from abroad (for example, if you wish to purchase property in Portugal).

To apply for a NIF, the following documents are required:


  • Resident in Portugal 

                 civil identification document from the country of origin or passport and residence permit

  • Non-resident in Portugal 

                 identification document or passport and have a tax representative residing in the national    territory

  • Child without a passport 

                 a document that proves the birth.

                 under ten without a Citizen Card, you must present a birth certificate or equivalent document.

  • If you are a citizen of another EU country
  • To be considered a resident for tax purposes, you must present the following:

                Civil identity document, passport or EU citizenship certificate issued by the municipality of the   area of residence;

  • To be considered a non-resident for tax purposes,

                you must present the following: Civil identity document or passport.

  • Foreign minors without a passport must present  the following:

                Proof of birth.

                If you are a citizen of a third country

  • To be considered a resident for tax purposes, you must present the following:

                Identity document or passport and residence permit.

  • To be considered a non-resident for tax purposes, you must present:

                An identity document or passport must appoint a tax representative (individual or legal person)

                resident in Portugal.

  • Note: if you are a third-country citizen and present your passport, you must show your visa to enter Portugal or the Schengen area.

              * If you present your passport, you must submit your entry visa to Portugal or the Schengen  Area.

  • At the Tax Office – make an appointment in person through the Call Center (CAT) – 217 206 707, weekdays, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm By representative
  • At the  e-counter of the Finance portal – if the person for whom the NIF is requested resides outside the EU, in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.


In Portugal, a Social Security Number is required for settlement after NIF, which is paid to the government based on the nature of work. Employers and self-employed individuals must apply for their Social Security Numbers and contribute to the government based on their base salary. Company owners can obtain their numbers after their company is activated on the Finance and Social Security Portal. The process has been made faster since Jan 2020, with work contracts and self-employed individuals receiving their numbers by hand. The required documents include a valid passport, Schengen visa, NIF (Fiscal Number), employment contract, company formation document, and completed form.


The Social Security Identification Number (NISS) allows access to rights and obligations in Social Security.

The NISS makes sure your social security benefits are collected. This is significant both because it is a need and because it gives you access to social security, for instance in the event that you lose your job or become ill and are unable to work. 

Foreigners and Portuguese with a lifetime identity card can apply for the NISS online.

Owners of citizen cards have not yet applied for the NISS because it is already printed on their cards. Additionally, legal entities (businesses) do not have to apply for the NISS. The Tax and Customs Authority (AT) instantly and without charge notifies Social Security of a firm’s registration in the commercial register, and the company is given a NISS.

  •         fill out the form available on the Social Security portal
  •         attach a scanned copy of your identity document
  •         Have a work visa.
  •         People from a third country
  •         the passport
  •         the Residence Permit
  •         Residence Permit (temporary or permanent)
  •        the other civil identification document from the country of origin