The Executive Process of Obtaining Residency


Signing the contract, paying the prepayment

Step 1

Preparation of documents

Sending documents by the applicant to Itugal

Step 2

Registration of residence request

Registration of Portuguese residency application by Itugal on behalf of the applicant

Step 3


Receiving the invitation from the Portuguese government by Itugal and presenting it to the applicant

Step 4

Visa application

Registration of the Visa application to the Portuguese embassy by the applicant in cooperation with Itugal

Step 5

Arrival in Portugal

Proceeding to enter Portugal, rent a residence and open a bank account

Step 6

Immigration Department

Attending the immigration office and applying for a two-year resident card

Step 7

Renewal of residence card

End of the second year of residence, an extension of residency for another 3 years

Step 8

Registration of citizenship application

At the end of the fifth year of residency, register an application for citizenship and receive a permanent residence card.

Step 9