Can Portugal expect a dry weekend?

Lisbon: After a dry week, rain is forecast Saturday and Sunday, with highs of 17 degrees and lows of 10. Monday will bring rain and 17-degree temperatures.

The north: Friday’s showers will turn into heavy rain throughout the weekend, with 15-degree highs and 10-degree lows. Monday and Tuesday are rainy, but Wednesday is pleasant.

The Centre: Light rains and 13-degree highs are expected this weekend. Monday should be sunny with average day highs of 14 degrees, but the rain will continue.

South: After a week of sunlight, Saturday will bring showers with highs of 18 degrees and lows of 10. From Sunday, intermittent cloud cover will remain, but the rain is expected to disappear.

Madeira: The weekend will see 22-degree highs and 16-degree lows. After Monday’s clouds, Tuesday will see the heaviest rain.

The Azores: Dry weekend with 17-degree highs and 14-degree lows. Light showers will return on Monday with sunny periods, with daytime highs of 17 degrees, and nighttime lows of 14 degrees.


Republished by : ITUGAL


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