About Us

The story of ITUGAL started ten years ago when three researchers immigrated to Portugal and founded a successful Technology-based business. The team has raised more than two million € in funds and investments and made a successful example of immigrants transforming sciences into business. Since 2018, we have worked on empowering high-tech startups by connecting scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors. Through ITUGAL, we have raised more than 25 million investments in 25 high-tech startups, supported 26 R&D projects, and relocated 45 investors to Portugal.


Dr. Mahdi Dodangeh
Dr. Mohammad Rad
The Marketing Management
Ms. Aida Abolhassani
Head Quarter of PAAT
Dr. Somayeh Gholami
Head of Technical
Ms.Kosar Bozorgi rad
Head of Administration part
Ms.Julia Dal Pozzolo
Head of Technical
Mr. Morteza Tarigholi